Welcome to the home of the Riverview Whisky society. My name is Ken Arsenault and I grew up in Moncton and have been living in Riverview since 2005. I started drinking whisky about 15 years ago and over the past 5 years I have been a little more serious about the drink that has so much to offer.

I created this club/group in 2013 because I knew there had to be others out there that enjoyed whisky as much as I┬ádo and I wanted to find out how many there are and possibly start a group that could get together to enjoy a wider variety of whiskies. It grew very quickly from our first meeting in August 2013 which had 9 people attend. Now we average around 20 at our monthly meetings and close to 40 at some of our “special guest” tastings.

Our monthly meetings are informal, fun and educational. There is no pressure to be an expert or be able to get all the aromas and flavors that others get but I do encourage everyone who can, to contribute to the conversation. We usually sample 4-5 whiskies with some information about the style, location or distillery we are tasting. I also try to promote discussions at your table to give every one a chance to learn and make new whisky friends.

If you think this easy going, educational and enjoyable group is for you, then send me a message, join our Facebook group or page or send an email to riverviewwhisky@gmail.com