Fils Du Roy distillery

Last weekend I had a chance to visit the Fils Du Roy distillery in Paquetville, New Brunswick. This family owned and run distillery started in 2012 with plans to bring some quality local products to the market, so far so good. I got a tour and had a chance to purchase a few of their offerings. To date I have tried their Cranberry liqueur, Gin, Vodka, Grain spirit, absinthe, “rum” and L’eau D’Aout and 4 of their beers. All of these products tasted absolutely fantastic.

They have three different types of stills pictured below and they triple distill their spirits.

Column Still
Column Still

This is the first still used, it is a column still and they use it to get the spirits to close to 35% alcohol if I understood properly. That is very high for a first distillation as most Scotches go to around 10%-20% with the “Low Wines”.



Copper stills used for the other two distillations, not sure if they are both used as distillation number 2 and 3 or they are both used to produce different spirits. (the tour was in French and I understood most of it but not all). Also visible are the worm tube tanks used to cool and condense the spirit back into liquid form.


Me standing next to my cask! (I wish) These are all ex-bourbon cask, not sure from where, I asked but she did not know.


Some more cask sitting and aging.


Wish I could have put this in my truck and taken it home…lol

This is what I did take home.


They seem to have a nice little operation going up there and I can’t wait until August 2019 when the Whisky will be ready. If you get a chance to visit you really should they are very friendly and completely open with the their process. Also don’t be afraid to purchase and try their products, top notch stuff and local to boot.