Another Whisky season has come to an end

Well folks it is that very short time of the year, summer. The nice weather calls us to make other commitments to some of our other interest and since we have a somewhat short summer here I choose to not host any official tastings during July and August. Most of us have family and vacation time along with perhaps some travel, cottage or even boat time so it would make it difficult to get a good sized group together.


We will be back in September ready to go, in the mean time get out and enjoy the weather, drink some beer, wine and cold cocktails, broaden your palette and enjoy some cool drinks maybe even some of those weird clear and pretty spirits like Vodka and Gin 😉


I may offer up a “bring your own whisky and cigar” social meeting and will be looking for a willing host and I will offer up my place a time or two.



See you all again in the fall, have an amazing summer and make the most of it!

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