My first blind whisky tasting

A  few months ago I was invited to take part in a Canada wide blind whisky tasting that would be organized, discussed and have the results posted all via Twitter. The whole thing was organised by @whiskylassie and used the hashtag #C2CC.

My team was call the NB Newbies as it was the first time any of us tried a blind tasting challenge. My team mates were @ggcyqm and @scottvwfergie. We received out 3 sample bottles in early March and met mid March to sit down with the questions sheet and whisky to try to decipher what was in our glass.


My first impression was something sherried not 40% or cask strength and speyside. I quickly narrowed it down to 3 distilleries as I hoped it would not be something rare or exotic but something available in New Brunswick or at least Canada. My three picks were Balvnie, Glendronach and Glenfarcas. After some careful consideration and reading I dropped the Balvenie, was that my first mistake? I must mention that this was discussed as a group and we bounced back and forth with a few suggestions but I was really stuck on Glenfarclas due to the amount of sherry I was tasting along with some other notes that fit the bill. Once we decided on Glenfarclas 12 year old, we made the rest of our answers match, it was all or nothing, we will get 100% or nothing. We did taste it next to the Glendronach 12 year old and knew it was different.

Now I am off to Twitter to get the results, queue the Jeopardy final answer music…..

Well I am back to report after hearing the results and I am not even mad. I feel good knowing that we were what I would consider close, all things considered it is difficult to pick out all the right things from a glass of whisky when you don’t have any clue and have tried maybe 25% of the popular whiskies out there. I will list our answers below first and then the actual answers next to it.

Glendfarclas 12 year old and actual was Glendronach 15 year old Revival

GFCOB.12YOV11 img_15year_lrg













ABV: 43% vs 46%

Age :12 vs 15

Ex-sherry matured was right

No finish was right

Our nosing and tasting notes seem close

Non Chill filtered was wrong but would have been right if we choose right…lol

We should have the official bottling question right but we sort of said it was independent due to Glenfarclas being an independent company but I explained it to Johanne  as we know they bottled it officially.

We said speyside for the Glenfarclas but I just opened up two different whisky books and one has Glendronach as highland and the other as speyside…lol


Over all it was fun and would love to do it again, hint hint! Thanks Johanne, AKA @whiskylassie



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