My small patch of the #Whiskyfabric

In our fast paced, globally connected world we live in, the internet word “Hashtag” and it’s increasing use is the new word used for the old marketing term “Buzzword”. It is being used more and more these days and is getting more and more powerful as well. Some times people make them up for fun and other times they are used to help connect like minded people or used in a way to make everyone part of the discussion.

One word I have been using for my whisky related Tweets is #whiskyfabric which in itself is sort of self describing and almost a definition of it’s purpose and intent. I started to use this hashtag because of my new friend Whisky Lassie who started the use of the term, check out her blog here. The Whisky part is pretty simple to figure out but fabric brings in a few variations on the term. To me the Fabric part can mean a thing made by weaving or knitting things together to make it whole or it could mean a framework or structure to build upon. I think it means both, the actual hashtag is the framework and the stories and information shared is all weaved together on that framework. I think that is the purpose that Whisky Lassie had in mind.

I have had some things happen because of the whisky fabric over the past couple years with the Riverview Whisky Society which has made our group improve and grow. Be it advice, bottle recommendations or arranging to have guest speaker come in to our tasting, it has all helped. Up until this point I feel that I have been doing things along the edge of the “Fabric”, that is until this weekend.

Yesterday I was the connection to have two separate whisky circles I run in get together for a group outing and tasting. It started with my group in Riverview and finding out that one of the members owned an Inn and I asked if we could host a whisky tasting there during the off season. He said he would love to do it and came up with an plan and we put it out to our members first. We had room for 9 couples and when it looked like we only had a handful that could go from our group we reached out to some of the members of the group I host at the Masonic lodge. This was the beginning of my two whisky worlds colliding and weaving together. Seven of the nine were members of the Riverview Group, two were part of the Masonic group and four were members of both groups. Now we’re are all members of the Little Shemogue Inn whisky weekend group which will be getting together again someday.


It didn’t take long for people to warm to each other over whisky and great conversation. The facility was a fantastic venue for this type of thing it has two buildings that had 4 beautiful rooms and the main meeting room and the other building that had 5 rooms and the dinning hall, you even had to walk over a short bridge over the water to get between the two buildings. Check out the fantastic Little Shemogue Inn here.

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Here are a few pictures of some of the Whiskies we enjoyed.

DSCN0359 DSCN0361 DSCN0363 DSCN0364 DSCN0368 DSCN0370

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