Whisky – A drink worth sharing

When most people think about alcoholic drinks they think that they either want to drink to get tipsy or drunk or they just want to have a social drink with friends or family. There is nothing wrong with either I guess, although I do not like the feeling of being tipsy or drunk and I could never hold in my alcohol after about 6 drinks I was either going to be sick that night or keep it down and be sick for about 12 hours the next day. I have learned to hydrate and if I know that I may have more than my usual limit of 3 or 4 then a couple bottles of Gatorade through out the night are my best friends.

I guess what I am trying to say is that I am a social drinker that enjoys a few drams with good company. I love socializing and I love whisky so many times I try to do both at the same time. I think that whisky above all other spirits is the most suited for sharing and sipping with others.  It is a very rare thing to see someone asking at a bar what type of rum or vodka they have, they just order one with their favorite mix. Not so with whisky, many whisky drinkers will ask for the whisky menu and then decide what they are in the mood for and then they savor it for a long time. Seeing as how you may be sitting with friends you want something that will last to extend that social interaction.

I am the same when at home hosting friends or family and I bring them to my whisky collection and tell them that everything that is open is fair game (I have a few bottles that I probably won’t open for a long time, if ever). Many people do the same with beer, I find real beer connoisseurs are very similar and love the chance to talk about and share some other precious supply. Most times people who are fairly new to the whisky world ask me to pick for them, so I ask a few questions and try pick something that hopefully will suit their taste. If they are really interested and not everyone is, I take the time to explain what they have and give a bit of history on it as well.

This brings me to the real reason I decided to write this post today. I walked into my whisky/Jets room to see what I was going to drink this afternoon and spied 7 of the 10 sample bottles I still have left for a visit to Graham and Johanne’s place this summer. Krista and I went down to visit them and my cousin Boyd and Richard and stayed at their place overnight. While there I was brought down to view their whisky collection (which is fairly impressive) and was offered a glass or 4  of anything open as they have some that are for special occasions as well. While there for the visit I has 5 different drams and before we left the next day 10 sample bottle were produced and I was told to go pick out 10 bottles to fill them. I still remember the first sample bottle I ever received (Stalk and Barrel Cask 1 I believe) was from Johanne, before we even met we were talking on line as I was getting some advice from her on setting up the Riverview Whisky Society. After tasting it with 3 other whisky friends I quickly filled it back up with the only thing I had that she hadn’t tried yet as it was a travel exclusive and sent it back. This is when I realized that sharing of whisky is the way to go and since then I have probably shared close to 30 sample with friends, coworkers, and my dad.

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So if you are reading this and want to try something I have or swap samples let me know, I am in. I am also in the works of organizing a big swap meet up this spring where everyone will bring a bottle and then go home with 15-20 samples from each other, stay tuned for more info.

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