Ardbeg Supernova Canadian Twitter Tasting

This is somewhat of a new thing that has been taking place online, a group tasting of the same whisky, at the same time, and all participants commenting on Twitter while doing it. I followed along on one last year and this year I got invited to be part of #Suopernova2014. Ardbeg is definitely not my first choice when looking for a bottle of whisky at the liquor store but when I have an opportunity to try it I will never pass it up, it is one of the best when it comes to quality heavily peated whisky from Scotland.

Ardbeg Supernova

This twitter tasting was organised by my friend Whiskylassie from Saint John. It had 21 tweeters opening up their provided sample at 5pm and starting the online conversation. We had a few rules like not starting early and following along at the same pace, if possible. Below are a few of the tweets from the tasting.

Dirty peat on nose. Not as earthy as 10yo. More medicinal. Still are we starting?

A lot of earth and swamp on the palate. I’ve only woken up in a few muck holes but this takes me back!

Still quite sweet and candied on the palate. Citric and licorice-rich. And let’s face it…smoke, smoke and smoke.

Finish is short, but the peat forces it longer. Antiseptic throat lozenges and ash. Hints of fattiness and boggy earth

Some of these descriptors would NEVER convince me to taste this: blood, tar, creosote, sweat sock?

And back to the nose…Sitting around a cedar campfire, throwing on a few blocks of damp Islay peat & some lemons & pears LOL #Supernova2014

This bottle of Supernova will be a hard to find and tough to buy at $245.99 a bottle and not one I will be looking for but it was a very good dram. This was a cask strength bottle at 55% ABV but felt more like a 46 to me, did not need any water at all which was surprising as I do like to add a bit of water when the ABV gets over 46%.

My notes which I don’t do often are:

Nose: medicinal, iodine, licorice, sweet tropical like the taste of a green banana peel.

Taste: metallic like a penny or blood in your mouth, sweet anise, smoke and a nice amount of tame peatyness.

Finish: very strong and spicy for a few seconds then quickly fading to a long dry mouth feel with lingering peat for quite some time, I think I can still feel it hours later.

I hope things like this continue and if you get a chance to be involved, do it.

Thanks to @Whiskylasie and Ardbeg for making this possible.


Back at it.

I have been thinking about starting this thing up again and this will be my third attempt at a blog. I always seem to have plenty to say until it comes time to type something out. This time I will have more of a Whisky theme to this attempt, you never know “third times the charm” they say. I am by no stretch of the imagination a whisky “expert” in my eyes but I do have a thirst for whisky knowledge, pun intended.  What I am is a whisky lover, enthusiast and I have a great desire to share my knowledge and love of this fine spirit.

I am not attempting to be the 2,352nd whisky blog as I do not have the time, ability and history to speak of many aspects of the vast world of Whisky that isn’t already being told by those that do posses those attributes. If you are looking for a world class whisky expert I can tell you I am not one but what I do have is a particular set of skills, skills I have acquired over a few short years. Skills that make me knowledgeable enough to make learning about the world of Whisky a little less of a nightmare for people starting out. If you let go of your fears and come to my whisky tastings that will be the end of it (your fears). In the meantime I will look for you, I will find you and will kill you… I mean I will help start or continue your own personal whisky journey.

That being said I will post stuff in here about whisky, about my life, and about things I think people may be interested in reading. I will share stories about whisky. people. places and events all related to something called the #whiskyfabric, yes the hashtag needs to be there.

For those who don’t know I do run a whisky tasting group, it is call the Riverview Whisky  Society and we meet monthly in Riverview New Brunswick. More information can be found at Over the next few weeks I will list all the whiskies we had tried in out first 12 meetings and then try to do an update after each session.

This website is my personal whisky page although much of it will revolve around my whisky group this is my own thoughts and feelings about whisky and life.

Stay tuned for more.